When do you need a Building Permit?

Building Permits and inspections are required for new installations of solid fuel appliances and allied chimneys. Copies of the inspection report are sent to the homeowner, if requested for by their insurance company.

If you have an existing appliance or chimney that you would like inspected please contact the LV Fire Department at 613-735-1358 or via email.

Required installation distances

The required distance from combustible framing is indicated on the certification tag located on the rear of the appliance. If the appliance is not certified, CAN/CSA -B365-M87 states the following clearances must be maintained;

  • Top - 60",
  • Sides - 48"
  • Rear - 48"
  • Fuelling side - 48"

These distances can be reduced by using shielding masonry with 1" air gap. This will allow for a 50% reduction in the above stated distances. Certified wall shields are also available from your supplier.

Chimney flues must be kept 18" from combustible framing. Double and triple wall flues are available that have reduced clearances from your supplier.

Outdoor wood furnaces

Please note that Laurentian Valley's Zoning By-Law contains a restriction on where outdoor furnaces may be located; 3.21 

An outdoor furnace shall only be permitted in a Rural (RU) Zone or an Agriculture (A) Zone and subject to the following requirements:

(a) an outdoor furnace shall be located a minimum of 50 metres from any property line; and

(b) an outdoor furnace shall be located a minimum of 100 metres from a dwelling on any other property.

Apply for a permit here