We are undertaking our first Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the aim of which is to provide a 10-year action plan for recreation services in our growing community. 

The Plan, which has been adopted on September 20, 2022, celebrates our successes to date and address future needs and opportunities for maintaining, improving and diversifying the range of recreation services, facilities, parks, open spaces and trails.

Working closely with consulting firm, Sierra Planning and Management, a comprehensive inventory and preliminary analysis of parks, recreation and facilities has been completed as well as an extensive consultation that included a public survey and one on one engagement with Township Council, Staff and Volunteers.


What is a Parks and Recreation Master Plan?

A Parks and Recreation Master Plan is a comprehensive, long-range strategy for creating, optimizing, and maintaining a community's recreation assets and services. It does not focus on one particular recreation centre or park but instead offers an overview of a community's parks and recreation landscape, both today and beyond.

The principal objectives of the project are to determine community priorities and develop a series of recommendations and action steps to accommodate the current and future recreation needs of the municipality.

The Plan will guide future investment in recreation facilities, programs, services and partnerships by establishing a strategy to guide decision-making over a 10 year period. Decisions regarding recreation can then be prioritized in alignment with Council’s strategic direction.

The development of the Plan is based on public input, surveys, planning initiatives, existing development, physical characteristics, and social and economic conditions.

What are the benefits of a Parks & Recreation Master Plan?
  • The master planning process enables local governments to assess recreation needs and interests of community members;
  • Enables decision makers to prioritize resource allocation decisions for new facilities and rehabilitation projects, programs, and services, in a manner that is fiscally responsible, environmentally sound, publicly supported, and sustainable;
  • Supports applications for funding on recreation projects;
  • Provides information to form the basis of a Community Benefits Charge Strategy;
  • Enhances parks & recreation infrastructure information in the Asset Management Plan;
  • Builds credibility, support, and consensus from community members and stakeholders;
  • Informs citizens about a park’s needs and importance as community asset;
  • Identifies capital improvement goals that are needed to assess fiscal requirements and fundraising needs;
  • Guides critical decisions about parks and recreation facilities, infrastructure, programs, and services, including planning decisions; and
  • Develops recommendations and an implementation strategy.

Play structure at Pleasant View Park in LV Township. 

 Master Plan Process
 This process was followed and implemented just over the course of a year from May 2021 to it's adoption in September 2022. 

Phase 1: Situational Analysis and Engagement

  • Background Review
  • Community Engagement
  • Environmental Scan

Phase 2: Options and Directions

  • Needs Analysis
  • Future Opportunities
  • Consultation of Key Directions 

Phase 3: Drafting the Master Plan and Implementation 

  • Recommendations
  • Plan Development
  • Implementation Plan (adopting by-law 2022-06-038 on September 20, 2022)

Master plan goal: 

Define a vision for the delivery of parks and recreation services in the Township.

Key objectives of the plan:

  • Improve overall community quality of life for all age groups.
  • Enhance partnerships in planning and delivery of services and programs.
  • Strategies for enhancing existing parks and recreation facilities
  • Ensuring success through effective and timely implementation

Master plan scope: 

  • Indoor Facilities
  • Outdoor Facilities
  • Services Delivery
  • Parks, Open Space and Trails