The Township of Laurentian Valley staff consists of a knowledgeable and courteous team which is comprised of the following staff members.

Dean Sauriol

Chief Administrative Officer/Clerk

613-735-6291 ext. 206

Email Dean Sauriol

Charlene Jackson, AMCT, Dipl. M.M.

Treasurer/Deputy CAO

613-735-6291 ext. 201

Email Charlene Jackson

Mark Behm, C. Tech.

Public Works Manager

613-735-6291 ext. 216

Email Mark Behm

Lauree Armstrong, B.A. (Hons), MCIP, RPP

Planner, Economic Development Officer, CEMC

613-735-6291 ext. 203

Email Lauree Armstrong

Claus Trost, C.B.C.O., C.P.S.O.

CBCO, Chief Building Official, By-law Enforcement, Lottery Licensing, Drainage Inspector

613-735-6291 ext. 210

Email Claus Trost

Kurtis McGonegal

Deputy Treasurer

613-735-6291 ext. 205

Email Kurtis McGonegal

Katie Tollis

Community Development Officer

613-735-6291 ext. 208

Email Katie Tollis

Lori Dennis

Deputy Clerk

613-735-6291 ext. 221

Email Lori Dennis

Colleen Smith

Accounts Payable/Payroll Clerk

613-735-6291 ext. 211

Email Colleen Smith

Navada Sargent

Planning and Recreation Coordinator

613-735-6291 ext. 207

Email Navada Sargent

Kendryck Trgovcevic 

Public Works Administrative Assistant

613-735-6291 ext. 209


Office Clerk

Office Clerk

613-735-6291 ext. 200

Email Tera Hehn

Tim Sutcliffe

Fire Chief

Email Tim Sutcliffe

Organizational Chart

Graphic of the organizational breakdown of the LV team.

Downloadable copy