An Ottawa River Flood Plain information sheet has been prepared to provide a summary of the various policies and provisions in the Township Official Plan and Zoning By-law as they relate to development along the Ottawa River and in particular related to the flood plain. Additional information and alternate formats are also available by contacting the Township Planning Department

The elevations to guide new development along the Ottawa River were provided through the Flood Damage Reduction Program (FDRP). A copy of the report is available from the Township Office upon request.

There are also a variety of stakeholders involved with the Ottawa River.

Download the Ottawa River Flood Plain Information Sheet

Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board (ORRPB)

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board was established in 1983 by the governments of Canada, Quebec, and Ontario to ensure integrated management of the principal reservoirs of the Ottawa River Basin. The goal of this integrated management is to minimize the impacts of floods and droughts along the Ottawa River and its tributaries, particularly in the Montreal Region, while maintaining the beneficial water uses such as hydro-electric energy production and preserving statutory or environmental levels and discharges in respect of other interests.

The Planning Board also ensures that relevant hydrological information, for example forecasts of river flows and levels along the Ottawa River, is made available to the public and government organizations. For more information see the ORRPB website.

Information on Ontario Power Generation (OPG) operations on the Ottawa River can be found on their website.

As there is no Conservation Authority in the stretches of the Ottawa River through Renfrew County, the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry (NDMNRF) plays a greater role along with local municipalities in the implementation of flood plain regulations. Additional information on local conditions is available from the NDMNRF surface water monitoring centre website.


The Province of Ontario has activated the Disaster Recovery Assistance for Ontarions (DRAO) program for parts of the City of Ottawa, Whitewater Region, and Laurentian Valley for the Ottawa River Flood that occurred on May 3, 2023.  For details on eligibility, affected property owners should visit their website. This program is administered by the Province and therefore questions on the DRAO program should be directed to Provincial representatives by calling 1-877-822-0116 or emailing and not the Township.

Spring freshet updates / flood warnings

May 19, 2023 - Watershed Conditions Statement - Water Safety Pembroke District

May 12, 2023 - Township of Laurentian Valley - Flood 2023 Update

May 4, 2023 - Updated ORRPB forecast and summary: Between 45 and 90 mm of precipitation fell over the basin from Saturday April 29 to Wednesday May 3 causing flows and levels to increase rapidly on the main stem of the Ottawa River. Levels and flows have peaked at Mattawa and Pembroke but are expected to continue rising elsewhere. Levels are expected to peak tomorrow at Lake Coulonge and on Friday from Chats Lake down to the Hawkesbury / Grenville area. Levels should remain below the historic levels of 2019 (by as much as: 25-35 cm in Lake Coulonge, Chats Lake, and Lake Deschenes; and 40-50 cm along the reach between Ottawa / Gatineau and the Hawkesbury / Grenville area). Please refer to the forecast section of our website for more information about the expected peak levels. Water levels and flows are expected to stabilize over the weekend and should start to decline slowly next week with the return of sunny and drier weather. Reservoirs in the northern part of the watershed, which are being used to store runoff and minimize flooding downstream, are rapidly filling. Once reservoirs are full, they will have little capacity to reduce river flows in downstream areas. Levels will therefore remain susceptible to further rise should additional significant rainfall occur over the coming few weeks.

Sandbag collection management and debris flood impacted residents only

The Township has developed a comprehensive plan for dealing with the cleanup process related to the 2023 Flooding Event. Below are details on the plan and processes in place to assist impacted residents with managing flood related debris.


There are approximately 25,000 sandbags in various locations throughout the Township. The Township of Laurentian Valley will be providing assistance to residents with the collection of sandbags. The Township is currently in the process of recruiting a Contractor to collect all sandbags including those on private property. Residents are responsible for placing filled sandbags at the end of their driveways for collection by the Contractor. It is important that residents contact the Municipality to arrange for the collection of the sandbags by speaking with Kendryck Trgovcevic, Public Works Administrative Assistant. The Township will be coordinating the process with the Contractor and confirming the timing. Please note that the Contractor will not collect any plastic, wood or other flood related debris.

Residents are reminded that sandbags can potentially be contaminated with harmful bacteria from failed septic systems.

Bags should not be cut open or used for sandboxes, playgrounds, or other areas where direct contact with humans or animals may occur. The sand should not be disposed of in a wetland, waterway, floodplain, or other environmentally sensitive or protected area.

If you are handling flooded sandbags you are advised to use gloves, safety glasses and a dusk mask. Residents are reminded to wash their hands regularly.

Flood damaged items

Household Hazardous Waste (paint cans, batteries, propane cylinders) and Electronic Waste (TV’s, is not accepted and must be taken to the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre. Tires must also be taken to the Ottawa Valley Waste Recovery Centre. There is no charge to drop off these items at the OVWRC.

There is also a Special Environmental Day in the City of Pembroke on June 3 , 2023 at the Pembroke & Area Community Centre (Pem Ice 2), Enter off Boundary Road, 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. The event is free and open to residents from Laurentian Valley.

Additional information is also available from the Renfrew County & District Health Unit about handing food after a flood by calling 613-735-8654 or checking their website

Special Large Item Collection

As a reminder, the Spring large item collection day has been scheduled for the week of May 28, 2023. All materials must be properly sorted and placed curbside no later than Sunday May 28, 2023.

Wood debris

Wood debris from properties is to be placed beside your driveway, away from the travelled portion of the road. This includes trees/branches that may have washed ashore with the high water levels, as well as, damaged decking, fencing or dock materials. All wood must be free of plastic, ropes and other foreign materials.

The Township will arrange for the curbside collection of the wood materials. All wood materials must be set out by Sunday May 28, 2023.

For more information, please contact:
Mark Behm, Public Works Manager, Township of Laurentian Valley
613-735-6291 ext. 216; or
Kendryck Trgovcevic, Public Works Administrative Assistant
Township of Laurentian Valley 613-735-6291 ext. 209


Notice Issued by Lauree Armstrong, MCIP, RPP, Township Planner/CEMC on May 19, 2023.