LV is home to incredible biking opportunities from mountain bike, road bike, and fat bike experiences!

Algonquin Trail

A biker riding on a trail in LV.

The 296km Ottawa Valley Recreational Trail is a multi-use corridor that stretches from near Smiths Falls to just shy of Mattawa, passing through Lanark County, Renfrew County (where it is also known as the Algonquin Trail) and Papineau-Cameron Township. The Algonquin Trail, the section so named in Renfrew County, includes 219 km of this recreational trail which spans through 10 municipalities and The City of Pembroke.

The Algonquin Trail runs through LV and connects The City of Pembroke and the Town of Petawawa. The easiest access point in LV is via the TV Tower crossing. Please note that vehicles are not permitted to park on TV Tower Road. Yantha Cycle, a local cycling and motorsports shop located adjacent to the trail allows public parking for trail access. Please visit Yantha Cycle's website for more information.

Please note: The trail is subject to closures. For trail updates, please visit the Ottawa Valley Recreation Trail/Algonquin Trail website or Facebook Page.

Forest Lea Mountain Bike Trails

For the avid mountain biker these trails are a must visit. Located in LV on crown land, the Forest Lea Trails are volunteer led and maintained. The trails are used for mountain biking in the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter they are used for fat biking.

The routes consist of over 32km of singletrack trails that are tight, technical, rocky, and rooty. This is an advanced recreational trail system. Even “easy” trails contain obstacles. Users should be warned that trail conditions are subject to rapid changes due to weather, bike and hiking traffic and other factors. These trails require physical fitness and technical skill. Ride/hike with caution and have fun! Don't forget to always wear a helmet!

Winter bikers are welcome to ride at Forest Lea Trails, but only on the snowshoe trails that are marked with Yellow Circles. There is an approximately 2 km and a 4 km marked loop, that start where the summer bike trails start. Snowshoers do a reasonable job of keeping it packed. Please do not ride on the groomed ski trails as these are off-limits to bikers.

The trails represent thousands of hours of volunteer labour by a few dedicated mountain bikers that love to ride bikes and make great trails to ride on. Donations to the trails and memberships are highly encouraged to ensure these trails can continued to be properly maintained. You can join and contribute online via Zone 4.

Gearheads in Petawawa will also take cash donations of $20 and direct it back to the trail group.

Visit Forest Lea Mountain Bike Trails website for more information

Getting here

From Highway 17, exit west onto Forest Lea Road/Renfrew County Road 42. Continue on Forest Lea Road for 5kms. Your destination will be on your right.

Road cycling

The smooth paved roads of LV are favourites for many road cyclists. Cycling on back roads, passing through agriculture lands makes for a picturesque setting. Cycling has become a popular sport for many families as it's a great way to get around and explore new areas. Plan a day trip to tour LV and schedule little stops along the way to pick-up a drink, bite to eat, or shop!

Ottawa Valley Cycling and Active Transportation Alliance (OVCATA) is a great resource for discovering local routes within LV. To find great routes, please visit OVCATA's website and learn more about the organization and how you can get involved.

Explore Ontario by Bike is another great site to visit when looking for various cycling routes in Ontario. A section is dedicated to the Ottawa Valley with numerous routes and points of interest.

Road safety

It is critical for everyone to learn about proper safety measures and rules of the road at all ages.

  • Obey traffic signs, signals and lights.
  • Always cycle in the same direction as the traffic.
  • Ride where you can be seen, but don't hug the curb too closely.
  • Make sure you wear bright colours, have reflective clothing, and front and back reflectors on your bike.
  • If it will be dark out when you are riding your bike, get a bike light.
  • Never let another rider sit on the handle bars or bike pegs. One person per bike!
  • Signal clearly to other road users when you are turning, and make eye contact with others at intersections so you know they have seen you.
  • Always wear a helmet
  • When passing pedestrians, make sure you announce yourself and say 'passing on your left or right' or use a bell to make others aware of your presence.
  • Make sure your bike is properly fitted for you. You don't want a bike that is too big or too small for you!
  • Walk your bicycle through crosswalks or across busy streets.