Preparation of the Municipality of Laurentian Valley's budget is among the most important tasks for Staff and Council each year. The process is a lengthy one as the budget provides a foundation to meet the public service needs of our residents and to make decisions on municipal infrastructure. The goal is to provide quality service while maintaining property taxes at a reasonable and affordable level.

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2024 Budget Documents

Here is a timeline prepared by the Treasurer/Deputy CAO to further explain the process:

Department Head Timeline

The Treasurer will provide to all Department Heads the 2024 Budget that will include a 3 year average for operating and a spreadsheet for Capital works via email.

The Department Heads to submit the 2024 Operating and Capital Investment requests to the Treasurer via email.

The Treasurer and CAO will review the Department Head submissions and meet with each Department Head the week of December 5th to discuss any concerns.

During the second week of December, the Treasurer will make changes and/or corrections resulting from review of all budgets.

The Treasurer and CAO will review the proposed budget numbers with the Mayor and Chair of Corporate Services during the week of December 19th. 

 Council Timeline
 Budget Timeline
 Council Meeting - November 21
 User fees presented.
 Council Meeting - November 28
Water, Wastewater and General operating budget presented.
 Council Meeting - December 12
Revised Water, Wastewater and General operating budgets presented. Capital presented.
Council Meeting (if needed) - December 19
Revised capital presented. 
 Council Meeting - January 9
Budget public meeting.
Council Meeting - January 23 
Budgets passed. 

Graphic with the word Budget and a lightbulb.

Curious about our budget process or have questions? Do not hesitate to reach out to our Treasurer and/or Chair of the Corporate Services Committee. 

Contact the Treasurer

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