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People skating on the LV Skating Trail.

LV Four Seasons Trail

2 Henan Road, Pembroke ON K8A 6W5

A natural ice surface through a wooded, forested area that is 1.5 km in length in the winter. A beautiful trail during the other seasons!

Little girl playing in the water at the splash pad.

Splash Pad

641 3rd Ave S, Pembroke ON K8A 7A5

This is a family friendly splash pad features 16 spray features covering a 2187 sq. ft. area and includes accessible age-progressive play areas throughout.

Play structure at Pleasant View Park.

Pleasant View Park

90 Spruce Street, Pembroke ON K8A 7Z1

Situated in a mature neighbourhood covering almost 2 acres of land offering play for all ages!


People playing hockey on an outdoor hockey rink with the recreation centre in the background.

Alice and Fraser Recreation Centre

1 Henan Road, Pembroke ON K8A 6W8

LV's largest community sports and recreation facility spanning over 87 acres.


Little girl going down a slide on a play structure.

Stafford Park

641 3rd Ave S, Pembroke ON K8A 7A5

Surrounded by an active neighbourhood of young families offering summer and winter activities.



Play structure equipment in the winter.

Forest Lea Park

131 Sufian Street, Pembroke ON K8A 6W6

A neighbourhood park featuring 10 acres of woods and meadows, and various play structures. 

Exterior shot of the recreation centre.

Shady Nook Recreation Centre

80 Richardson Cres, Pembroke ON K8A 6W5

7 acres of park area packed with recreation opportunities. It is conveniently accessed just off HWY 41 with ample parking


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