We've compiled a list of most of our plans, reports, and studies in one convenient location for you to access. More information on each of these documents can be found on their respective pages. Should you require these documents in an alternative format, please contact us directly at 613-735-6291 and we would be happy to assist you. 

An open road in the summer time.
Asset Management Plan

This plan serves as a strategic, tactical, and financial document. It ensures that all municipal infrastructure is managed properly.

A person working on a laptop that has graphs and charts on the screen.
Business Retention & Expansion Study

In this study, we learnt and better understood how to support local businesses so they can grow, create jobs and stay in our community.

Community Saftey & Well-Being
Community Saftey & Well-Being
This plan brings together community partners to identify strategies and interventions aimed at reducing risk factors with a goal of improving the overall well-being of our communities.  
An eroded roadway due to flooding and washout.
Emergency Management Plan

When an emergency occurs in LV, the Municipal Emergency Control Group (MECG) gathers (is activated) to direct the response as outlined in the plan.

Power lines in the background of an open lands and fields.
Energy Management Plan

This document develops a five-year energy conservation and demand management plan.

An aerial photo of a neighbourhood development.
Official Plan

An Official Plan describes Council's policies on how land within LV is to be used.

Puzzle pieces laid out on a table.
Strategic Plan

This plan is a means of establishing a road map with which to guide decision-making in LV over the next 5 years. 

An open sink faucet with water pouring out.
Water Financial Report

This report plans for the long-term financial stability of drinking water systems to guarantee safe drinking water into the future.

An open water main with water gushing out.
Water Works Report

These reports include annual and MOE Inspection reports, an Operations and Policies and Procedures Manual.