Looking for some food and drink options in LV? We're surrounded by agriculture so eating fresh local products is a must! From grab and go, to franchises, to artisan options, we have a range of options in LV you are bound to love.

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Two people grocery shopping.
Grab grocery essentials and more
A group of people eating inside a restaurant.
Sit down and enjoy a family meal
A car at a gas station pumping gas.
Grab gas and a snack on the go
  • Greco's Xpress/Saar's General Store
  • Hamilton's Convenience & Propane Centre
  • Pembroke Esso
A person passing a box of fresh produce to another person.
Fresh local meats, vegetables, dairy and more
  • Brum's Dairy
A group of people hanging out on a balcony drinking beer from a can.
Relax with craft beer
A tray of french fries and a burger from a food truck.
Food trucks options
  • Pizza Forno
  • Ry's Fries
A group of chaffing dishes full of food.
Host an event with catering
  • Schmidt's Catering
Valley Eats delivery person holding a warming bag.
Get it delivered to you!