The Township of Laurentian Valley, the Town of Petawawa, and the City of Pembroke are pleased to announce the new business Service Concierge program in their communities.

The program is designed to provide businesses with a tailored and customized opportunity to work with local consultants in the areas of digital media, finance, and beautification. The program includes a series of workshops to encourage collaborative networking and further education.

The first series focused on digital media at the beginning of 2020. This series consisted of an audit with face-to-face consultation to provide personalized support. A series of workshops were offered virtually that covered further training and education on the topic.

The second series focused on finance! This series consisted of five (5) workshops offered virtually.

The final series on beautification is coming up in February, 2023. 


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The final series of the Service Concierge Program is underway! This series is all about merchandising and consumer behaviour in the physical environment. Join specialist Carey McMaster of TRAICON as she delivers a 4 part program tailored to our service industry. Learn how first impressions go a long way for your business and how branding your storefront creates a positive consumer experience.

The series will be offered over 3 days in a mixed format and registration for the program provides you access to each session offering. Explore what each session has to offer below!

Monday, February 27th: Storefront Beautification + Merchandising

10:00 am - 3:00 pm (lunch provided)

In-person at the County of Renfrew or attendees can attend virtually

Part 1: Community Improvement Plan (CIP)

Christine, Angela, and Katie will provide information about their respective CIP opportunities available to business owners. The aim of a CIP is to help guide township's/city's revitalization efforts. The CIP encourages the rehabilitation and improvement of privately held lands. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn and ask questions for further conversation. 

Part 2: Storefront Beautification

In business, first impressions really count – especially in today’s retail environment. Retailers expend a great deal of brainstorming and budget to create on-brand experiences inside a store but miss opportunities existing outside the front door. Boost your business’ curb appeal to take control of first impressions.  

In this workshop instructor will cover: 

  • Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Business 
    • Façade Beautification 
    • Ideas for Your Glass Window & Doors 
    • Signs That Get You Noticed 
    • Sidewalk Interrupters 
    • Storefront Improvement Plan 


  • Window Displays – Your Stores First Impression for Walk-in Shoppers 
    • Benefits of Window Displays 
    • Types of Window Displays 
    • Creating Compelling Window Displays That Attract Customers 

Part 3: Merchandising

Merchandising is a proven, effective way of increasing sales in your retail store. And all it requires is forethought, preparation, and a thorough understanding of customer behaviour.  

Merchandising is how products in a store are displayed and presented in order to encourage customers to buy. This includes shelf layout, promotional signage, foot traffic paths and pricing.  

Merchandising is important for retailers looking to cultivate their brand, improve the experience of customers, compete with others in the sector, and drive sales.  

In this workshop instructor will cover: 

  • The Ultimate Guide to Store Design and Layout
    • Understanding the Decompression Zone 
    • Influencing Customers’ Behaviour by Design


  • How to Create Effective Product Displays 
    • Display Design Theory 
    • Elements of Visual Merchandising 
    • Visual Merchandising Techniques 
    • Finding Inspiration


  • Marketing Strategies to Get People in the Door 
    • Digital Merchandising Using Omnichannel Marketing in Retail 
    • Creating a Visual Marketing Calendar 
 Tuesday, February 28th: Consumer Behaviour

12:00 - 1:30 pm


Understanding consumer behaviour is important for businesses because it can help them to make better decisions about their products and services. By understanding why people purchase certain products and how they use them, businesses can adapt their offerings to better suit the needs and wants of their target market.  

In this webinar instructor will cover: 

  • Understanding Consumer Purchasing Behaviour
  • Understanding the Decompression Zone 
  • Influencing Customers’ Behaviour by Design
  • Developing Your Consumer Profile 
  • Creating a Better Customer Experience (CX)  
Wednesday, March 1st: Brand Identity 

12:00 - 1:30 pm


Branding ensures you have a prominent position in the marketplace and gives your company personality and meaning.  

Brands affect buying behaviour by fostering loyalty and ongoing sales. Over time your brand becomes associated with a level of credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the customer’s mind.  

A unique brand can have an enormous impact on your bottom line by giving you a competitive advantage over your rivals and helping you acquire and retain customers.   

In this webinar instructor will cover: 

  • Creating an Authentic Brand Identity  
  • 7 Ways to Incorporate Brand Identity Into Your Retail Store  


$30.00 per person (this includes lunch and access to all 4 sessions)

Register here


For more details on the Service Concierge program you can also contact the respective municipal representatives. A special thank you to Enterprise Renfrew County for being a co-host collaborator of this event as well. 

Laurentian Valley

City of Pembroke

Town of Petawawa