Laurentian Valley Township [By-Law 01-05-87] requires that all pools be secured with fences that meet a minimum standard.

In general terms the by-law requests the following minimum construction requirements.

  • Installing pools and their required fencing requires a building permit, application attached.
  • A swimming pool is defined as a privately owned outdoor body of water contained in whole or part by artificial means, which holds in excess of eighteen (18) inches of water in depth.
  • The fence is required to be a minimum of sixty (60) inches high, and should fulfill the intent of prohibiting unauthorized entry.
  • The fence is required to be a minimum of forty eight (48") inches from the edge of the water.
  • The fence should have no rails or other horizontal or diagonal bracing or attachments to the outside face that may facilitate climbing.
  • The fence shall have no openings with a horizontal or vertical opening greater than two inches. (This means 11/2 inch chainlink fencing) no part of the fence is permitted to have dangerous characteristics such as barbed wire or electric fencing.
  • Gates shall be of the same construction and height as the fence. Shall have substantial hinges.
  • Gates shall be equipped with self-closing and self latching devices placed at the top and side of the gate, or be equipped with a lock.

Complete the application, along with a plot (site) plan showing the proposed location of the proposed pool, the fence and any gates. If your property contains an onsite sewage disposal system, the pool is required to be a minimum of seventeen (17) feet from the bed and 6 feet from the tank, show the location of these on the plot plan.

Owning and operating a pool also has ongoing requirements, the by-laws require that;

  • The swimming pool area must be secure at all times except when actually used by the owner, his family or persons authorized by the owner to use the pool.
  • All wastewater by way of backwashing , must be drained into the sanitary sewer or a drywell, not onto the surface of the ground.

Copies of the by-laws are available at the Municipal Office located at 460 Witt Road or by visiting our By-Laws page.

If you have any questions or concerns, please call or write. Claus Trost Chief Building Official.

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