The County of Renfrew Land Division Committee is the Approval Authority for Applications for Consent in the Township of Laurentian Valley. A consent can be granted for the severance of a new lot, a lot addition/lot line adjustment, a right-of-way, an easement, for mortgage/charge purposes or for a lease.

Prior to filing an application, property owners and developers should pre-consult with the Township of Laurentian Valley first. The purpose of the pre-consultation is to identify any potential issues with the proposal and to ensure that the application will be a complete application when filed. A copy of the consent application form is available from the County of Renfrew's website.

Steps in the consent process

  1. The submission and review of an Application for Consent is legislated under the Planning Act of Ontario. As such, the application form must be completed and accompanied with the required fee prior to consideration by all relevant agencies. A consent can be granted for the severance of a new lot, a lot addition/lot line adjustment, a right-of-way, an easement, for mortgage/charge purposes or for a lease.
  2. The Land Division Committee or delegated staff make the decision as to whether a consent is granted or refused. Three members of County Council constitute the Land Division Committee. The Committee holds a hearing for disputed applications and renders a decision. All other applications are approved by delegated staff, without a hearing.
  3. The Secretary-Treasurer of the Land Division Committee consults with provincial government agencies and other public bodies who have responsibilities for matters that may be affected by a consent. The local municipality and the County of Renfrew Planning Division always provide comments.
  4. Consents must meet the policies and requirements of the Provincial Policy Statement, County Official Plan/local Official Plan and any applicable municipal Zoning By-law in effect. You can review the Official Plan and the Zoning By-law at the local municipal office or at the County of Renfrew administration building. (Some are also available on-line.)
  5. If a hearing is required, applications are reviewed by the Land Division Committee at a public hearing. Applicants or authorized agents are notified and encouraged to attend. As well, any interested person may attend. The Planning Act requires that the public be given notice of any application for consent; notice may be given in a local newspaper or by direct mail to abutting owners.
  6. The Secretary-Treasurer of the Land Division Committee may decide to hold an application in abeyance to allow for certain matters to be resolved. These matters may include official plan policies, zoning, outstanding agency comments, insufficient information supplied by the applicant, legal interpretation and agency concerns. It is the responsibility of the applicant to follow up on these matters. A file is brought forward once the outstanding matters have had action and/or have been concluded.
  7. Consents may be granted subject to conditions. All conditions must be met within one (1) year from the date of notice of the decision. When all the conditions are met within the one-year period, a Certificate finalizing the consent will be issued. If the one year deadline is not met, the consent will be deemed to be refused and no certificate will be issued. The same conveyance would then require a new application and the consent process would start again.
  8. A decision or any condition(s) can be appealed within twenty (20) days of the giving of notice of the decision in accordance with the requirement of the Planning Act. 1 February 2019
  9. A reference plan (survey) is usually required to be supplied by the applicant. In some cases, a registerable description can be used instead of a survey if acceptable to the Registry Office. The applicant will be notified when the reference plan is required. Usually this is a condition of consent but in some cases it may be requested prior to the making of a decision. The survey must closely match the sketch and the information on the application form which the applicant submitted. Therefore, it is important that the surveyor not be given instructions which differ from the application.
  10. If a Certificate finalizing the consent is issued, you have two (2) years from the date of the Certificate to carry out the land transaction (transfer of ownership). If the two year deadline is not met, the consent lapses and the parcel(s) can no longer be conveyed without reapplying and obtaining consent. Once you receive the Certificate of Consent, there is no follow up reminder from the Secretary-Treasurer of the Land Division Committee about the lapsing date.

For more information, please visit the County of Renfrew's website or call 613-735-3204.