Site Plan Control is a Planning Act tool that is used by the Township of Laurentian Valley to make sure that development is:

  • designed appropriately
  • is safe
  • functional
  • minimizes potential impacts on neighbouring properties by addressing issues such as drainage and buffering

It also makes sure that the Township's Zoning By-law and other standards for developing land are respected.

The Township's Site Plan Control By-law sets out the entire Township as an area of site plan control and applies to all commercial/industrial development, multi-density residential development and can also apply to development on lands with natural heritage features or hazard lands.

How to request site plan approval

In support of a request for site plan approval, the applicant must:

  1. Submit a letter request to us
  2. Provide payment of the applicable application fee
  3. Provide a signed copy of the Township's Professional Services Agreement
  4. Include Site Plan Drawing(s) showing the required information
  5. Any other applicable information required by the Township.

Supporting documents

The Township has prepared two Site Plan Checklists to guide Applicants when preparing submissions for site plan approval:

  1. Commercial, industrial and institutional development
  2. Multi-residential development

Securities are also required by the Township where site works are required. Council has adopted a Site Plan Securities Policy which sets this out.

Questions related to the Site Plan Approval process should be directed to the Township Planning Department 613-735-6291.