Please note: The information supplied here is of a general nature. Some properties have restrictions that are unique to that site. If you have any questions, please call 613-735-6291 for specific information.

What is a porch, verandah, or deck?

Verandahs, porches and decks are all considered as additions to the dwelling. As such they must comply with the required setbacks for the main building, including from the front yard (roads & streets), side yard, and rear yard.

How to obtain a permit

  1. Complete the application
  2. Submit a plot plan showing the proposed location and a structural drawing.
  3. Insert the specifications you are planning on, or submit with your own sketches showing at minimum the spans, size and type of materials to be used in the construction of the addition.

Important items to note

Please note that the foundation of the proposed structure must be equal to the foundation of the building it is being attached to. If the deck is proposed to be supported by deck blocks, then it cannot be attached to the home. A porch or verandah would require a foundation to equal depth of the main building.

Understanding the type of guards

  • Deck floor less than 24" above grade: no guards required
  • Deck floor 24" to 4' 11" above grade: 35" guard required
  • Deck floor 5' or more above grade: 42" guard with no opening greater than 4" required

Download the application form