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2019 Recreational Burn Permit

Always check the Municipal Website prior to burning to ensure a burning ban is not in effect. Random inspections will take place and smoke alarms will be tested at the time of inspection.Please note that a payment of $10.00 is required before a Recreational Burning Permit is issued.

Contact Information

You must be the owner of the property if you are applying online. All tenants must bring in a letter of permission to the Municipal Office. The letter must be signed by the property owner giving the tenant permission to have an approved fire permit. Click here to print a copy of the form.

* I am the owner of this propertyYes
* First Name
* Last Name
* Email Address
* Phone Number
* Home Address
For the Purpose of Having a Recreation Fire
*Fire Permits are valid for the Calendar Year (January 1st to December 31st)
Address of Recreation Fire

If the property has no 911 address,  enter the nearest 911 address.

* Address of Recreation Fire
Recreational Fire Conditions
Read the following conditions for recreational burning to ensure that you meet the requirements.

*By checking off the "I agree" box, you are confirming that you agree.

* No material other than commercially produced charcoal, briquettes or clean, dry seasoned wood may be burned.I agree
* Recreational fire pits shall be no larger than 30 inches by 30 inches in size by 24 inches in height. I agree
* The dimension of the fuel being burnt shall not be greater than the size of the container or pit at all times.I agree
* A Recreational Fire Pit shall be confined to a location that provides for a minimum distance of 10 feet from adjacent properties.I agree
* Recreational Fires shall be confined to an area that is a minimum of 15 feet horizontally from any combustible structure, combustible vegetation, or accumulation of combustible materials (i.e. overhead tree branches).I agree
* An effective method of extinguishing the fire shall be at the site of the burning and be immediately available for use (i.e. source of water).I agree
* Recreational Fires shall be attended, controlled and supervised at all times by a Responsible Person and shall be completely extinguished before the fire site is vacated.I agree
* The smoke or other emissions from the fire shall not travel to a neighbouring property to such an extent or degree that, in the opinion of a Municipal By-Law Enforcement Officer, it may cause discomfort to persons, loss of enjoyment or normal use of the property, interference with normal conduction of business, or damage to property. The smoke or other emissions from the Fire shall not travel across any public roadway to the extent or degree that, in the opinion of a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, it may cause a public safety hazard to any person travelling on the roadway.I agree

*By checking off the "I agree" box, you are confirming that you agree.

* I have read and understand By-Law 2015-09-040, and agree to comply with the conditions contained therein and fully realize that any breach of these conditions could result in a fine being issued against me.I agree
* I understand that the issuance of a permit shall not be deemed a waiver of the provisions of any municipal by-law or provincial statute.I agree
* In the event that a permit is approved, I further understand that any departure from the conditions of this permit, any municipal by-law or provincial stature, could result in this permit being revoked and that, in this event, I shall not be entitled to any claim, whatsoever, against the municipality or an official thereof. I agree
* I confirm that the information contained in this application is correct.I agree
* I will have an electronic/paper copy of the permit available upon inspection.I agree

Random inspections will take place and smoke alarms will be tested at the time of inspection.
Always check the Municipal Website prior to burning to ensure a burning ban is not in effect.

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