The Township of Laurentian Valley's Adopt-A-Road Program is a public service program that allows residents to volunteer to pick-up litter along Municipal roads. It is a program that enhances local litter collection activities within LV. This allows for environmentally conscious citizens to make a personal contribution to a cleaner and more beautiful environment.

Under the program, a group or an individual agrees to adopt a section of Township Road Right-of-Way and keep it clean, by picking up litter at least 2 (two) times per year. Litter pick-up can only occur during daylight hours (1 hour after sunrise and 1 hour before sunset) and in favourable weather conditions.

The Municipality will provide safety information/training, safety vests, applicable signage, trash bags and remove/dispose of filled trash bags. In addition, a sign will be erected to acknowledge the group's or individual's efforts.

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Program information

Volunteer responsibilities

  • Appoint or select an Authorized Group Representative to act on behalf of the group.
  • Ensure that the Authorized Group Representative receives Safety Training, provided by the Township and in turn supplies Safety Training to the other volunteers.
  • Review Safety Rules before each clean-up with all volunteers.
  • Obey and abide by all laws and regulations relating to safety and such terms and conditions as may be required by the Township.
  • Be at least 12 years old, unless otherwise approved by the County of Renfrew.
  • Provide at least 1 Adult Supervisor (19 years of age or older) for every 5 workers (12 to 18 years of age).
  • Make arrangements for off road parking or shuttle bus (carpool) type of travel, to minimize the number of vehicles at the work site and always disembark from vehicles on the side adjacent to the ditch.
  • Park parallel to the road and as far off of the travelled portion as possible.
  • Ensure provision of all transportation, supervision, safety equipment and medical/first aid service.
  • Pick-up litter a minimum of 2 (two) times per year, to maintain a clean right-of-way.
  • Collect litter only from the Township Road Right-of-Way areas.
  • Do not pick-up litter on the road surface, medians, bridges, overpasses, in tunnels or around other structures or locations that could pose a danger.
  • Sort litter into 2 (two) different categories: recyclables and non-recyclables, to facilitate disposal procedures in jurisdictions that only accept sorted trash.
  • Flag hazardous and unidentifiable items for pick-up by Township Staff.
  • Place filled trash bags at the designated pick-up site(s), as pre-arranged by the Township Representative and the Authorized Group Representative or Individual.
  • Notify the Township Representative immediately after each clean-up, in order to have the litter bags removed by Municipal Staff.
  • Discontinue work in inclement weather.

LV responsibilities

  • Approve the specific section of Township Road Right-of-Way to be adopted.
  • Provide safety information/training, safety vests, “Road Work” signs, trash bags and latex gloves.
  • Erect sign(s) with the group's/individual's name displayed at the beginning of each adopted section of Township Road Right-of-Way, unless in the opinion of the Township, erecting the sign(s) would jeopardize the program, be counter-productive to the purpose, create a hazard to the safety of the public or be in conflict with Township
  • Remove and dispose filled trash bags.
  • Remove litter from the adopted right-of-way section under unusual circumstances (i.e. to remove large, heavy or hazardous items) that have been identified to the Township Representative by the Authorized Group Representative or Individual.
  • Monitor to ensure the objectives of the program are being met.
  • Approve the name, titles or words placed on Adopt-A-Road sign(s).

For your own safety

  • Stay mentally alert at all times.
  • Wear protective footwear and gloves.
  • Wear light coloured clothing that covers arms and legs.
  • Wear a baseball cap or wide brimmed hat and sunscreen lotion.
  • Drink lots of fluids while you work, especially on hot humid days.
  • Be aware of any special needs of fellow volunteers (i.e. medical).
  • Avoid over exertion.
  • Stay alert for and avoid hazardous plants (e.g. poison ivy) and stinging insects.
  • Have a First Aid Kit immediately available.
  • Pre-select the most direct route to the nearest Medical Emergency Facility.
  • Always have transportation immediately available.
  • Know where the nearest telephone is located.

Kit supplies list

Supplies included in this Adopt-A-Road Kit:

  • Safety Vests (all vests must be returned)
  • Clear bags for Container Recycling Material (paper and cardboard is to be put with regular garbage)
  • Black bags for Garbage
  • Disposable Gloves
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • First Aid Kit

Please be sure to inform the Township if this kit is running low on supplies. Please contact the Municipal Office should you have any questions or to arrange the pickup of the kit and bagged litter at 613-735-6291.

Download this list

For more information on the program, please refer to our pamphlet and agreement. Participants under 18 years of age will require a completed Parent/Guardian Consent Form. Should you require an alternative format, please contact us requesting one.