The Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) of Renfrew County is our local facility that houses lost and found domestic animals.

If you have:

  • Lost a pet
  • Found a domestic animal
  • Found a deceased domestic animal

Please call the Municipal Law Enforcement Services at 613-281-3773.

This is a contracted service that coordinates with you and the OSPCA should they are required to be notified. The OSPCA has a Facebook album of domestic animals found in LV to further help you recognize found animals within our community. 

About the OSPCA

The OSPCA and Humane Society is Ontario's animal welfare charity since 1873. In their role as a charity, they provide a variety of mission-based programs and resources focused on providing for animal welfare, including community-based sheltering, shelter health & animal wellness, high-volume spay/neuter services, animal rescue and relief, animal advocacy, Indigenous partnership programs, humane education and animal protection services.

Getting here:

115 Woodcrest Dr,
Pembroke, ON K8A 6W4