All residents must purchase an annual licence for their dogs and cats. Pet tags can be purchased online or at our Office. Please note that the cost per tag increases after March 31st. Tags can be delivered if you are disabled and unable to come to the Office. Landlords, please notify your tenants.

The pet tag price schedule is as follows:
Sterilized/UnsterilizedBefore March 31stAfter March 31st

Sterilized pets


Register your sterilized pet online for 2024



Unsterilized pets


Register your unsterilized pet online for 2024


  1. Office: Cash, cheque, or Interac
  2. Online: Mastercard or Visa (note: a 2.5% convenience fee is applied to online purchases)

Note: HST is not applied on pet tags. 


After March 31st, Officials go door-to-door to ensure registration has been completed. If an Official discovers an unregistered pet, the cost will then be $10 more per tag. If you are unable to register your dog at the door, a notice will be left to purchase tags at our Office within a specified time. Failure to comply will result in a fine of $120 plus full purchase price of the pet tag.

Service Dog

If you need a dog tag for a Service Dog, please bring the certificate produced from a recognized training establishment to our Office at the time of registration.


If you own a farm that is registered with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, please come into the Office to purchase your pet tags. The farm rate is $20 which entitles you up to five (5) pet tags.