Thank You! To All Who Assisted the Township with the 2019 Flooding Event


Council of the Township of Laurentian Valley would like sincerely like to thank everyone who assisted the Township and residents during the 2019 flooding event.

During the flooding everyday residents from the Township of Laurentian Valley and surrounding communities volunteered their time in so many ways. Thank you to all of those nameless volunteers who gave their time to fill and haul sand bags; to bring food/water/fruit to people filling sandbags; to make monetary donations to charities; to donate clothing/toys/household items to flooded residents; to open their homes up to help flooded out residents; or to provide a shoulder to lean on for those needing support. Thank you to the elementary and high school students from our area schools for assisting with sandbag filling. The Township also wishes to thank the many local businesses that jumped to the call providing assistance or opening up after hours to provide much needed supplies.

The Township is extremely grateful for the assistance of MNRF Forest Fire Crews who assisted with sandbag filling operations, sandbagging and pumping of water on flooded properties and from roadways. At the peak of the flooding as quickly as sandbags could be filled by the MNRF crews they were being used by grateful residents and/or the military to assist in protecting against the flooding. The Township would also like to thank the military and the military reservists who helped us through the peak of the flooding, including building flood protection on critical infrastructure, wellness checks on flooded residents, and the continued support to be ready to assist with emergency access to flooded residents. The Township would also like to thank the Canadian Coast Guard for their support with the Renfrew County Paramedics for specialized wellness checks to flooded residents and the OPP for their continued monitoring.
Council would also like to thank the Township of Bonnechere Valley and the Township of Brudenell Lyndoch and Raglan for providing us will pre-filled sandbags that they no longer needed when we needed them the most.
Many thanks to the Township of Laurentian Valley’s incredible team of staff that answered the call for help to provide support throughout the flooding emergency. The work and dedication of the Municipal Emergency Management Control Group, Volunteer Fire Department, and Public Works staff was instrumental in the Township response. The Office Staff were ready to assist when needed and helped keep the regular business of the municipality running while many other staff were diverted to the flood emergency.

There are many who have helped that may be nameless but who are no less appreciated. Thank you.

Mayor Steve Bennett & Council of the Township of Laurentian Valley