In Township of Laurentian Valley you need a permit to add or change an entrance on a Municipal road. The Township Roads System provides the important function of moving people safely and sufficiently throughout the Township. In order to retain the integrity of the Municipal Roads System and to foster the economic well being of the Township, it is important to ensure that new commercial, industrial and residential development gains appropriate access while at the same time not impeding traffic flow along these roads. The Township Roads System not only has the goal to protect the safety of all roadway users but to encourage and foster growth and development throughout the Township with suitable and legal access to Township properties.

What in an entrance permit?

An entrance permit is required for all new entrances or alterations to existing entrances that provide access to municipal roads.

Number of entrances

Only one entrance will be permitted to each property. Second entrances may only be permitted on a temporary basis in very limited situations subject to certain criteria for farming, forestry and aggregate. For Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Multiple Residential developments, the number of accesses provided will be the minimum necessary to accommodate the volumes of traffic to be generated by the development.

Entrance spacing between properties

Major traffic arteries that are collector roads may require minimum spacing between of 150 metres between entrances.  For example there is a portion of B Line Road that provides connector route between Highway 41, Highway 17 and County Road 51.  As a result, direct access to the for this portion of B Line Road for new entrances is restricted to a minimum spacing of 150 metres between entrances.

Entrance permit fee

The cost is $120.00/m (typical width 6m) up to 450 diameter of culvert plus cost of couplers(s) where applicable.  A minimum charge is $250. Fee is billed after culvert installation.

Apply for entrance permit

Please complete the Entrance Permit Application (link the application here) and submit it by email to Planning and Development.

You can also drop it off to the Township office located at:

460 Witt Road
Laurentian Valley, ON K8A 6W8

Download the application