Graphic with public notice announcement about the issue released by the Township of Laurentian Valley.

From the Township of Laurentian Valley

Issued as of 10:30 am on Tuesday, April 18, 2023

The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board has issued a Press Release on April 17, 2023 advising as follows:

“The Ottawa River Regulating Committee warns that levels and flows along the Ottawa River continue to rise rapidly due to on-going snowmelt combined with rain runoff in the central and southern portions of the basin. Major flood levels may be exceeded in flood prone areas along the river between Lake Coulonge and the Montreal region starting Wednesday, April 19. The major flood level is defined as the level at which one or several streets are beginning to flood, with several houses/buildings or neighbourhoods being affected. Water levels are currently expected to remain well below historical flood levels on the main stem of the Ottawa River. Additional bulletins will be published if flood risk is expected to increase further.”

The Ottawa River area of the Township of Laurentian Valley below the Des Allumettes Bridge (Highway 148) is generally affected by the levels indicated for Lac Coulonge and this is the section where MNRF has issued a Flood Warning (flooding is imminent or occurring within specific watercourses and municipalities). For the Sullivan Point Road Area you should look to the changes in water levels for Lake Coulonge At Fort-Coulonge as indicated on their website, however due to the nature of the basin it could be a little higher. The Ottawa River area of the Township above the Des Allumettes Bridge extending towards Petawawa is generally affected by the water level indicated for Pembroke. For the full press release and up-to-date forecasts of conditions and water levels please follow the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board website at

The Township has sand and sandbags available to ratepayers in affected areas that require them. For more information you can contact the Township Office at 613-735-6291.

Remember, it is important to plan ahead and prepare to make sure you are safe during a flood event or any emergency by preparing your emergency kits and reviewing the tip sheets with safety information related to sandbagging, electricity, well safety, flooded septic systems and checklists for emergency kits.

Additional information on flood safety is available on our website: 

Flooding updates

Or or by contacting the Township office at 613-735-6291.

We would also remind you of some important information related to electricity and flooding as follows:

In any area where immediate flooding is anticipated, it is essential to shut off all electrical power by turning off the main service switch. If there is time, move as much electrical equipment as possible to floors or areas above the anticipated flood level. It is important not only to be prepared for the flooding, but to make preparations for normal living after the flood had subsided. Always have a flashlight and batteries ready.

Water wells can be contaminated by flooding. While this contamination may involve an unpleasant taste, odour, or cloudiness of the well water, some contamination can only be recognized after water quality testing. Under flood conditions surface water may enter directly into the water source via the well itself, an old abandoned well, or some other nearby excavation, bypassing the natural filtering process. Testing and recovery efforts should be focused on possible bacterial contamination.

Stay safe and for more information contact:
Lauree J. Armstrong, CEMC (Community Emergency Management Coordinator)
613-735-6291 ext 203