Wildland Fire 

Hazardous forest types for Wildland Fire have been mapped across the County, and can be found on Schedule B – Map 1 of the Official Plan. When development is proposed in an area on this map, the applicant is required to fill out a “Wildland Fire Risk and Hazard Assessment Form”. This applies to applications for severances, plans of subdivisions or condominiums, and any other proposal requiring approval under the Planning Act.

The County of Renfrew has created an educational guideline titled Mitigating Wildland Fire Hazards Guide to assist landowners in reducing risk of wildland fire.

The Wildland Fire Risk Assessment Form has two parts. The first evaluates the surrounding forest and surface vegetation present, and the second evaluates the site layout and structural components of the future building. Add the scores of both parts together to get your total Wildland Fire Hazard score. If your total score indicates a high to extreme risk, consider how the vegetation can be better managed on site, or what modifications could be made to the site layout or building.