The Township of Laurentian Valley has two community gardens that provide opportunities for people to connect, learn, and enjoy a healthy outdoor activity.  Community gardens offer the space to grow produce that one may otherwise not have access to, increasing availability to fresh food to those in need.

Two garden locations

The Township of Laurentian Valley has two garden site locations that are currently being developed including an area at: 

Two plot sizes:

  • 8’x12’
  • 12’x12’

Plot fees:

  • $10 for 8’x12’
  • $20 for 12’x12’

All proceeds are being donated to the local food bank, St. Joseph’s Food Bank.  Subsidies will be offered to those who cannot afford the plot fees but wish to grow a garden.

Gardens will be open for planting starting May Long Weekend, May 22, 2022. Stay tuned for the official launch! 

Plots available:

There are 34 garden plots available, 18 plots at Alice and Fraser Rec Centre and 16 plots at Shady Nook Rec Centre. 

A+F plot availability

Shady Nook plot availability