Service Concierge

Service Concierge

The Township of Laurentian Valley, the Town of Petawawa, and the City of Pembroke  are pleased to announce they, in partnership, will be offering a new business Service Concierge program in their communities.

The program is designed to provide businesses with a tailored and customized opportunity to work with local consultants in the areas of digital media, finance and beautification, including providing workshops to encourage collaborative networking and further education.

The first program in this service series will focus on digital media.  This is the most widely changing and evolving communication medium, and one where businesses need support to leverage these resources effectively.  Businesses who wish to participate can sign up to receive a third-party audit which will include a review of their social platforms and a checklist of recommendations and proposed quick fixes.

Coupled with the audit, there is a face-to-face consultation to provide more personalized support.  Paperback Events has been engaged to deliver this service as well as develop and offer workshops addressing common opportunities for enhancing these platforms.  Each workshop will be offered twice with locations rotating between the three communities to allow for the most participation, understanding that one time and one location might not work for everyone.

Businesses are not required to participate in all aspects of the Service Concierge program.  There is the opportunity to select and participate in program elements; however, the results of the audits will help shape workshop content and leverage other program opportunities based on quantifiable data.  Businesses who wish to participate in the audit portion of the program should register immediately.

The audit and consultant meeting – phase one of the program – will be available at a subsidized fee of $25 plus HST.  The workshops – phase two of the program – will each be available at a rate of $10 plus HST.  The audits will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Once a business has registered to participate in a digit media audit, Paperback Events will be informed and they will contact the business to arrange and complete the audit portion of the program.

To register for a business audit, email Christine Mitchell at or contact her by phone 613.687.5536 ext. 2021

For more details on the Service Concierge program you can also contact the respective municipal representatives or visit the websites provided for further program details and direction.

In Laurentian Valley contact Lauree Armstrong, Planner/Economic Development Officer at 613-735-6291 ext 203.

or in the City of Pembroke contact Heather Sutherland, Economic Development & Tourism Officer, at 613-735-6821 ext. 1515.