Great News for Pembroke MDF Inc. located in Laurentian Valley

Council and Staff of the Township of Laurentian Valley were pleased to hear the Ontario Minister of Energy's announcement on Friday, April 4, 2014, at Pembroke MDF Inc. (formerly ATC Panels) that the medium density fibreboard plant has been successful in an application for funding under the the Industrial Electricity Incentive Stream 2 program.


This is a great step towards the proposed re-opening of the plant targetted for the Summer of 2014.  Great news for Laurentian Valley, the County of Renfrew and the surrounding area on the proposed return of this industry!  Hopefully more good news to come in the near future!


Statistics provided by Pembroke MDF and the County of Renfrew Economic Development Department indicate the following impacts.  The OPA contract award will yield savings of up to $24 million in a 6 year period reducing costs to $50 per MW from $100 per MW  This enables competitive operations for the mill.  The restart of the Plant would create 110 jobs plus another 40 when the moulding plant is reopened. The mill directly affects 19 local lumber mills, 58 timber harvesting businesses, 15 trucking companies and forest management companies with total employment of 1,895.  Indirectly, Pembroke MDF will represent another 1,500 employees.  Using a conservative multiplier the County estimates that an operating mill will affects over 6,280 workers and contribute indirectly to 1,069 provincial jobs.