Council Representative: Councillor Jen Gauthier 613-717-5494

Mark Behm
Public Works Manager
Alice & Fraser Recreation Centre

Council Representative: Councillor Allan Wren 613-638-3324

Alice and Fraser Recreation Centre
1 Henan Rd.
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 6W8

Phone: 613-732-8404

Forest Lea Park

Forest Lea Park is a neighbourhood park featuring 10 acres of woods and meadows with many opportunities for nature viewing. A superb playground for children was installed in 2010. The Forest Lea Park Recreation Committee welcomes volunteers who would like to help with future development.

Council Representative: Councillor Keith Watt 613-732-2787

David Schilling
Recreation Committee Member-at-Large
Phone: 613-735-9177

Micksburg Athletic Association

Chairperson - Jamey Mick - 613-735-3873
Baseball - Jamey Mick -613-639-3620 or online: 
Seniors - Mae Prange
Hall Rental - Sam Sutton - 613-732-9432


Pleasant View Park

Council Representative: Councillor Brian Hugli 613-638-1288

Shady Nook Recreation Centre
Shady Nook Recreation Centre

Council Representative: Councillor Jen Gauthier 613-717-5494

Shady Nook Recreation Centre
80 Richardson Crescent
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
K8A 6W5

Phone: 613-732-0954

Stafford Park
Stafford Park

Council Representative: Councillor George Hodgkinson 613-735-5982

Stafford Park
641 Third Ave. S
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613.735.7979