Laurentian Valley Waterworks

Laurentian Valley Waterworks is a distribution system only, that purchases treated water from the Pembroke Drinking Water System and distributes it to 645 homes and businesses through out 14 kilometres of distribution piping.

Laurentian Valley Water Works received a Certificate as a Water Distribution Plant, Level 1 (WD1) in November of 2000, #2893. On July 15, 2005 the system was reclassified as Water Distribution Subsystem Class 1 by the Ministry of Environment. The Drinking Water System Information number for Laurentian Valley Water Works is W260007465.

On June 2, 2011 the Corporation of the Township of Laurentian Valley was issued Municipal Drinking Water License #192-101, Issue #1, as both the Owner and Operating Authority. On March 30, 2016 Issue #2 was issued, Licensing the System  for a further 5 years.

On May 31, 2011 the Corporation of the Township of Laurentian Valley was issued a Drinking Water Works Permit Number 192-201, Issue #1 for the system described by the system maps as of February 2009, as amended from time to time, by Form 1 - Record of Watermains. The Permit was renewed on March 30, 2016 and the system maps were updated to November of 2015.

Water quality data collected during each quarter will be presented on this site along with the annual reports and any other pertinent information. If you have any questions about these reports please contact one of the following:

Public Works Manager, 613-735-6291, ext. 216;
Lorne Rathwell, Public Works Operations Foreman, 613-735-6291, ext 204
Claus Trost, Water Quality Analyst, Quality Management Representative, 613-735-6291, ext. 210

LV Water Financial Plan

In 2007, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment (MOE) released O.Reg. 453/07 (Financial Plans) under the Safe Drinking Water Act, 2002 (SDWA). This regulation requires that a Financial Plan be prepared as part of the Municipal Drinking Water Licencing Program set out in Part V of the SDWA. The Financial Plan is intended to ensure that drinking water system owners plan for the long-term financial stability of their drinking water systems in order to guarantee safe drinking water into the future.

The Financial Plan must include a statement that the financial impacts of the drinking water system have been considered, and apply for a minimum of six (6) years and outline details of the proposed or projected revenues and expenses. The Financial Plan must also identify all assets and liabilities.

This financial plan will be updated regularly and should be considered a work in progress and a working document.

Water Works Reports

The following are documents the Municipality is required to make available to the public; the quarterly reports, annual reports, MOE Inspection Reports, the Operations Manual and the Policies and Procedures Manual, these documents are also available for viewing at the Municipal Office at 460 Witt Road, during regular office hours.