Load Restrictions

Pursuant to Section 122 of the Highway Traffic Act and applicable Municipal By-Laws, reduced load limits on roads throughout the Township of Laurentian Valley may be in effect commencing March 1st and extending until May 31st.

Vehicle loads will be restricted to 5 tonnes per axle on those roads where signs have been erected. Vehicles exceeding the 5 tonne per axle load restriction must take alternate routes or will be subject to penalties described in the Highway Traffic Act.

Haulers should contact the appropriate road authority to determine the spring load restrictions on other roads within the Municipality including County Roads and Provincial Highways.

Load restrictions are put into effect on certain roads under the Municipalities jurisdiction during the Spring of each year, when road damage is most likely to happen from heavy loading. Load restrictions apply to roads that are weakened by excess water in the road base. Once the road is determined to be structurally sound, load restrictions will be lifted.

Notice updates will be issued to define restriction periods based on seasonal weather conditions.

2019 Load Restrictions will commence on Monday March 11, 2019.