Zoning By-law

Comprehensive Zoning By-law 08-04-391

Comprehensive Zoning By-law 08-04-391, being a By-law to regulate the use of lands and the character, location and use of buildings and structures within the Township of Laurentian Valley pursuant to Section 34 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13.

A copy of Comprehensive Zoning By-law 08-04-391, (maps and text) as adopted by Council on April 9th, 2008, is posted on this website for your convenience.

Please note, an office consolidation is provided for convencience purposes, however you may need to confirm with the Township whether there have been any further amendments made to the Zoning By-law which may affect the property or issue you are reviewing.  You may also wish to refer to the original by-law and amendments as passed by Council.

List of By-laws Amending Comprehensive Zoning By-law 08-04-391

Copies of the individual By-laws that have been passed by Council to amend Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 08-04-391 of the Township of Laurentian Valley can be found under the By-laws tab on the website.

A listing of the By-law numbers that amend Comprehensive Zoning By-law 08-04-391 is provided for convenience to assist with your review. While every effort is made to ensure that all by-laws are posted on the website and that the listing includes all by-laws that have been passed since the most recent consolidation posted on the website , it may not be exhaustive and/or amendments may be pending that have not yet been posted. Should you require further confirmation of certain zone provisions or the specific zoning of a particular property, please contact the Township Planning Department for assistance at 613-735-6291.