Community Improvement Plan

The Township of Laurentian Valley has adopted a Community Improvement Plan to help guide the Township of Laurentian Valley’s revitalization efforts by encouraging the rehabilitation and improvement of privately held lands throughout the Township. The CIP adopted by Council in 2019, established a package of grant programs to stimulate revitalization of the Township’s commercial areas and add value to existing agricultural uses and rural tourism areas.  Council also passed By-law 2019-04-019 to establish all of Laurentian Valley as the Community Improvement Plan Area (CIPA) that the Community Improvement Plan applies to.  Copies of the CIPA by-law and the Community Improvement Plan are available for download from this website.

An amendment to the Community Improvement Plan was passed by Council on July 21, 2020, to add a new grant category for COVID-19 Improvements to meet Public Health & Safety Requirements.    Council recently adopted an amendment to the Community Improvement Plan to add an additional grant category for businesses to undertake improvements to meet COVID-19 health & safety recommendations and enable them to reopen or increase business operations.   The last day for appeal on the new category is August 19, 2020. A copy of the amendment to the CIP is available for download from this website, along with the Notice of Passing.

Council reviews the funding allocation for the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) programs on an annual basis.  Additional information on the annual application process and a consolidated version of the CIP can be found on the Business sectio of the Township website under Community Improvement Plan Grants and Programs Available for Business Owners