Council Representative: Councillor Allan Wren 613-638-3324

Charlene Jackson
Treasurer/Deputy CAO
460 Witt Rd.
Pembroke, Ontario, Canada

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Payment of Municipal Services

The Township of Laurentian Valley has many options for residents to pay for municipal services. To see more details click on this heading.

User Fees & Charges

List of User Fees and Charges in accordance with Section 392 of the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, c.25

Consolidated Financial Statements

The Municipal Government Act requires that each muncipality prepare annual audited financial statements and a financial information return.

Performance Measures

The Ontario Government’s Municipal Performance Measurement Program (MPMP) requires municipalities to submit financial and related service performance data to the Province and Public on a range of services provided by municipalities (including general government, fire, roadways, wastewater, storm water, drinking water, solid waste, parks and recreation, and land-use planning).

Asset Management Plan

The Township of Laurentian Valley has prepared an Asset Management Plan (AMP) for its core infrastructure services. This AMP complies with the requirements as outlined within the provincial Building Together Guide for Municipal Asset Management Plans. It will serve as a strategic, tactical, and financial document, ensuring the management of the municipal infrastructure follows sound asset management practices and principles, while optimizing available resources and establishing desired levels of service.