Floods are the most frequent natural hazard in Canada and the most dangerous in Ontario in terms of property damage, civil disruption and even death. Floods are typically caused by seasonal melting snow, ice jams, heavy spring rains and summer thunderstorms. Flash flooding is often caused by violent rain storms or breaking dams, and usually occurs with little or no advance warning. When you are building your family emergency plan review and discuss the safety tips related to flooding with your entire household to make sure everyone understands what to do.


Look under the other pages under Flooding Information to find tipsheets and links to other websites with information and tips for what to do in the event of flood.

Renfrew County and District Health Unit - Flood Resources Fact Sheets

Please find attached fact sheets that pertain to the flooding from the Renfrew County District Health Unit.

  • Private Well Disinfection Instructions
  • What you should know about flooded septic systems
  • Responding to Stressful Events
  • Caring for your water well during and after a flood
  • Food Safety During Emergencies
  • Had Washing in Emergency Situations
  • Staying Safe During a Flood
Sandbagging Tips

To minimize flood water damage, sandbagging is one of the most versatile flood fighting tools. It is a simple, effective way to prevent or reduce flood water damage.

Click the headed to read some tips on sandbagging.