"Building" means, 

  • (a) a structure occupying an area greater than ten square metres consisting of a wall, roof and floor or any of them or a structural system serving the function thereof including all plumbing, works, fixtures and service systems appurtenant thereto,
  • (b) a structure occupying an area of ten square metres or less that contains plumbing, including the plumbing appurtenant thereto,
  • (c) plumbing not located in a structure,
  • (c.1) a sewage system; or
  • (d) structures designated in the building code;

Construct is defined as to do anything in the erection, installation or extension or material alteration or repair of a building and includes the installation of a building unit fabricated or moved from elsewhere and "construction" has a corresponding meaning.


The Township's Chief Building Official reviews and issues a variety of permits including building, plumbing, demolition, swimming pool and septic systems.   A building permit is required for the construction and/or demolition of a new building, an addition, or a material alteration of any building or structure and includes most shipping containers.  It is important to pre-consult with the Township before starting any building projects to ensure that any necessary permits are in place and that what you are doing also complies with any other municipal by-laws or approvals required by other agencies.


The Ontario Disability Act (Bill 125) requires that Municipalities prepare an accessibility plan annually and consult with persons with disabilities. The accessibility plan shall address the identification, prevention and removal of barriers to persons with disabilities. This is to be accomplished through the by-laws, policies, programs, practices and services of the Municipality.

Energy Management & Planning

Conservation is a key part of the Province’s effort to lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and build a clean, reliable, modern energy system. As a result, public agencies are now required to:
•    Report their annual energy use and GHG emissions to the Ministry of Energy as of July 1, 2013
•    Develop five-year energy conservation and demand management (CDM) plans by July 1, 2014