Notice of Construction: HWY 148 CPR Overhead Bridge Removal

Notice of Construction
MTO Contract No. 2018-4021
Highway 148 CPR Overhead Bridge Removal

H&H Construction Inc. would like to advise residents & business owners that construction has begun on MTO Contract No. 2018-4021. This Contract includes the removal of the CPR Overhead bridge located on Highway 148 approximated 230 m west of Hazley Bay Drive and the installation of a trail culvert in its place.  

What you can expect:

  • H&H Construction began installing traffic signage and turtle fencing in mid-May. Vegetation removal and management was completed alongside Highway 148 in May.
  • Temporary ramps and pads will be built alongside Highway 148 to access the CPR Overhead Bridge. The subgrade will be prepared beneath the existing CPR Overhead Bridge for the new trail culvert the first two weeks of June
  • Culvert replacements and paving along Hazley Bay Drive will be completed from late June to early August. Construction of the new trail culvert will begin beneath Highway 148 during this time
  • Highway 148 will be closed for a three-week period in late August for the removal of the existing CPR Bridge. Traffic will be rerouted down Hazley Bay Drive, Forest Park Road, Beachburg Road, and Greenwood Road. Signage will be in place well in advance of the planned closures to notify the public accordingly. Travel delays of approximately 15 minutes can be expect because of the detour
  • The remaining work including paving, shouldering, and cleanup will occur along Highway 148 once the bridge demolition is complete and the highway is reopen. Work is scheduled to be complete in October 2019.

Short duration temporary flagging operations can be expected along Highway 148 throughout the construction season to allow for construction vehicles entering and exiting the work zone. The speed limit will be reduced to 60 km/h during these lane closures. Vehicles and pedestrians are asked to follow traffic control signage when approaching the construction zone. All consideration has been given to implement traffic control measures to ensure minimal disruption to the travelling public. We apologize in advance for this inconvenience and very much appreciate the public’s patience during construction.

Please note that this timeline is subject to change. For construction schedule updates, please visit