5 Year Review - Housing and Homelessness Plan

In 2013 the County of Renfrew created a 10-year plan to address issues of housing and homelessness.  The 10-year plan documented who lives in the service area as well as the housing and homelessness challenges they face.  It also looked at solutions to address these challenges, identifying what actions made the most sense given the priority needs, and set out 4 goals, 12 key objectives and 33 tasks to tackle housing and homelessness issues.  Each year the County provides a formal status update on actions undertaken in support of the plan.  The 10 year plan can be viewed at


Renfrew County is undertaking a review of the original 10 year plan at its halfway point to determine how effectively the plan is responding to the housing and homelessness needs of the community.  

For more information on the current update visit the County of Renfrew website: http://www.countyofrenfrew.on.ca/_documents/ontario-works/HPP-LEAP-FactSheetApplicationEN.pdf