Renfrew County ATV Club - Rally in the Valley Event

This year's Rally in the Valley Event will provide riders with a mix of riding experiences that are a trademark of RCATV.  Focusing on the Baron Canyon Trail system, the ride will start and end at the new Petawawa Trailhead located at the Norman Behnke Hall.  Trails will range from green to blue with a few short sections in the red category.  An OFATV Trail Pass is required.  One day trail pass is available online at OFATV.ORG at a cost of $25 per machine.
Due to the current COVID 19 restrictions, registration fee of $10 per machine, will only be done online using the Eventbrite App.  This will ensure two important goals:
1.  the event will be capped at a maximum of 50 riders/passengers; and
2.  as all documentation will be registered online, the tracking of every participants will be assured should there be a need for health authorities to contact participants following the event.
Beginning at 8:00 AM the morning of the event, participants will be required to show proof of registration to the organizers on site.  If you have not registered online, you will not be able to join the ride.
Petawawa does not have a by-law allowing ATVs and SxS to travel within the municipality; however, we are thankful that Town Council approved a Special Event By-Law for that day.  This will allow riders to travel on Black Bay Rd from the Algonquin trail (OVRT) to access this approximately 100 km loop.
Participants are reminded to be self-sufficient.  Although there will be no lunch provided, there are several locations where riders will be able to stop for breaks and consume their own lunch.
There is no fuel available on the trail so make sure you are topped-up before you start.  As you trailer-in to the trailhead in Petawawa, there are several gas stations as well as Tim Horton, Starbucks, and several other food outlets available to you.
Note that this ride will briefly use some local area roads; therefore, drivers of ATV and SxS must have at least a G2 or M2 driver’s license.  Do not forget to bring and carry with you, your machine’s ownership, and proof of insurance.  Your OFATV shall be displayed on your machine unless you have purchased a one-day permit.
Driver and all passengers must always wear a properly fastened DOT approved helmet when riding. Whether you are on the road or out on the trail, it goes without saying that this is the safe thing to do and, is also the law in Ontario.
We highly recommend you download the QuadOn App to your phone, where you can find all the trails and, services close to the trails, of the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicles (OFATV) Clubs.
Register early by using Eventbrite at the following link: