Grow With Us Junior Gardeners Contest

Register at either Country Home and Garden or Sunset Nursery before May 31. Choose from a number of plants, then go home and grow the best flower or vegetable you can. On July 29 at 10 a.m. sharp bring your plant to Stafford Park for the official judging. Special thanks to Dennis and Sheila Lapointe from Country Home and Garden and Ross Hugli from Sunset Nursery for sponsoring this event.

Rules for LV’s Grow with Us Junior Gardeners Competition

Judging July 29

Stafford Park Pavilion

10 a.m. sharp

  1. Eligibility: Any Laurentian Valley resident age 16 or under as of May 1, 2017 is eligible to compete as an exhibitor.
  2. All plants designated for this competition must have been obtained at either Country Home and Garden or Sunset Nursery in Laurentian Valley during the month of May.
  3. Exhibitors must register at the nursery prior to obtaining the starter plant/seed.
  4. An exhibitor may submit only one entry in one class either flower or vegetable.
  5. Entry time: Saturday, July 29, 2017, 10 a.m. Stafford Park Pavilion. We ask that you kindly adhere to this time.
  6. The Judges may subdivide classes and move or remove entries if warranted.
  7. Pot size must adhere to the instructions provided by the nursery when plant was obtained.
  8. Please be certain that all containers are strong enough to withstand being moved during staging.
  9. Please ensure your name, address, phone number and age are clearly printed and attached to your entry. 
10. Most importantly, have fun!