Household Security Tips

  • Never let strangers know you live alone, or that you will be away.
  • Never open your door to strangers, make sure you know who they are before opening the door. If your door does not have a window, instal a wide angle viewer. Require that they show identification, honest repair, service workers and even Police Officers have ID.
  • Install good, deadbolt locks on all exterior doors, lock all windows when not in use. Insert a fitted piece of metal or wood into the patio door track for extra security.
  • Keep garages and sheds locked at all times, don't leave out tools that could help burglars.
  • Don't leave your housekeys in an obvious place outside the home, evryone knows to check under the mat!
  • Leave exterior lights on at night, thieves love to work in the dark. Leave an interior light on and possibly a radio, using a timer on different fixtures is effective.
  • If you notice someone hanging around your home, alert the police.

When out in your car 

  • Keep your locks and windows in good condition, lock the doors while you are driving.
  • Keep your housekeys on a separate chain, only give the car keys to a parking attendant.

If you suspect someone is in your home when you return, DO NOT ENTER, call the Police.

Know your Civic Address, phone stickers are available at the municipal office.