October 19th 2011

Township of Laurentian Valley

Policing Committee

Minutes - Oct 19, 2011 Meeting

Attending; Keith Watt, Charlotte Witt, Ken Ahronson and Allan Wren

Regrets; Marcel Marson, Kevin Leach, Philip Saar

1.) Minutes of June 15th meeting approved as discussed on motion by Allan Wren, seconded by Ken Ahronson .

2.) No OPP report – No Officer present to make report.

3.) Allan Wren reported that the radar board is done and is not able to be repaired. Discussion followed.

4.) Old business included more discussion on radar board, bikes for OPP and the “ Wanted Poster” for membership drive. Action item 1.); Charlotte to send two photos to Allan. Action Item 2.) Allan to prepare draft hardcopy of poster for review at next meeting. Action Item 3.) Presentation for Seniors to be carried forward to next meeting

5.) New Business – the Mason’s CHip Clinic to be held in Jan or Feb 2012. Actual date to be determined. Action Item 1.) ; Charlotte to check with staff at Rockwood School & Shady Nook for other events that may be suitable and coincide with this clinic. Action Item 2.) Keith to send minutes of meeting to Laurie for posting on web site and will also forward Committee names to Allan. Action Item 3. ) Charlotte to try setting up Facebook Page and will advise Committee members by email when it is available.

6.) Motion to adjourn moved by Ken, seconded by Charlotte

7.) Next meeting date Nov 16, 2011 at 7pm