May 20th 2010

Laurentian Valley Community Policing Minutes of Meeting of May 20, 2010

Present: Keith, Ken, Dennis Elise
Regrets: Kevin, Matt, Phil, Marcel

Motion to accept April minutes: moved by Ken, seconded Keith

Dennis mentioned that there is a tentative date for the OPP presentation to Council on June 15. at 3pm. Again this is a tentative date and may change.

Again there are still issues with the radar board (speed board). Parts have been sent away etc, Elise read the emails that were sent to the company from Claus and the replies. It doesn’t look good.

Elise is to email Beth re: bike rodeo at Rockwood, as the one last year was cancelled.

Dennis picked up the shirts from Kevin at Wonder Stitch, and forgot to get the price on the sign. He will go back.

Advertising: received an email from *96 about summer safety ads that were run last year, we decided to go ahead and re-run the same as last year with the bus safety ads to start mid August.

Fun Night at Rockwood May 28, 2010. All is scheduled and ready to go. Dennis is making some hand outs with the room number and a small overview on what it is about. We will need someone to hand these out at the door coming into the school for the parents.

Hopefully we will have our sign ready for this event.

Elise will contact Jody Julius about the small write up that was to be sent ahead to the parents as to what is all happening that evening. I haven’t seen anything come home yet with the kids.

All Volunteers are to wear their Community Policing shirts, those that I have can be picked up that night or before, which ever they choose.

Elise will make sure to have the police checks with us that evening, just in case.

Those that haven’t gotten theirs yet please do so before the event and hand them into Elise.

Motion to adjourn: moved by Keith seconded by Ken.

Next meeting will be June 16, 2010 at 7pm at the township office. Please note this will be our last meeting for the summer. Elise will contact everyone in August with the date for September.