March 21st 2012

 Township of Laurentian Valley Community Policing Committee Meeting Minutes - March 21st, 2012

Attending; Keith Watt, Allan Wren, Charlotte Witt, Philip Saar, Kevin Leach, Marcel Marsan, Ken Arhonson

  1. The minutes of Feb.22nd meeting were approved. Motion by Phil 2nd by Allan.
  2. Allan Wren - report – Allan reported he expects to soon hear back regarding the sharing of bikes and radar board.

Old Business

  1. Presentation for the Golden Friendship Club Mar 1, 2012. Phil reported that the presentation on “Fraud for Seniors” by Beth Ethier went very well. Beth made the information most interesting by relating various examples of fraud, which happened to people living within our municipality and other nearby municipalities. He also mentioned they would be interested in another presentation at one of their future meetings. Phil was present to help Beth set up and introduce her to the group of approx 80 people. Action item: Philip to return donation to President of The Golden Friendship Club with explanation.
  2. Phil delivered the safety vests with the Twp logo crest and lettering complete. The safety vests are to be used by our committee members, when they volunteer for duties such as parking attendants, parking lot activities, community events etc.
  3. Action The annual budget was discussed and decided Allan should request that our budget for 2012/2013 remain the same as previous, as we have several projects being planned and want to carry them through.
  4. Membership: Marcel asked if we should re post the “Wanted Poster” to attract members. Marcel volunteered to post them if we had the posters available. Action: Allan will have another dozen posters made up and contact Marcel when they’re ready for pickup, so he may distribute them. A suggestion to solicit new members for our committee by advertising in the paper was agreed to by all. 
    Action: Keith to have a couple drafts ads ready for next meeting. 
    Action: Allan to ask Jennifer L. if she would run a poster ad in her newsletter mail out.
  5. ID badge was discussed with focus on the size and that couple of members yet to send e-photo to Allan. Allan will have badges ready for April meeting.

New Business

  1. Bike rodeo – it was decided yes, we would like to participate in the bike rodeo. Beth puts on for Rockwood School. Action: Keith to invite her to our April meeting
  2. a brief discussion on whether another Chip Program was in order, perhaps at a soccer tournament. Tabled to next meeting Moved to adjourn by Ken 2nd by Phil

Next Meeting April 18th, 2012.