April 18th 2012

Township of Laurentian Valley Policing Committee Minutes for April 18, 2012 Meeting

Attending; Keith Watt, Allan Wren, Charlotte Witt, Philip Saar, Marcel Marsan, Ken Arhonson, Chris Lariviere, Beth Ethier
Regrets: Kevin Leach

The minutes of Mar.21st meeting were approved on motion by Allan, and 2nd’ by Phil.

Old Business
1.) Phil reported that he returned donation to the Golden Friendship Club
2.) Allan reported that the “wanted posters” and identity badges were not yet made. He should have them before next meeting. Action item; as soon as he gets the posters he will contact Marcel to have them distributed.
Allan reported that our budget request, same as last year, was presented to council. He stated that Jennifer L. would include ads, for new membership, in her newsletter.
3.) Action item; Keith will prepare draft ads for newspaper ad for our next meeting.
4.) Keith reported that Masonic Lodge #128 would be prepared to do another Chip program next spring should we wish to proceed.

New Business
1.) A new committee member, Chris Lariviere, was welcomed to the meeting this evening. Action item; Allan and Chris to obtain Police Records Check specific to working with vulnerable people. Allan to call and determine if a request package for Records Check is available on line and if not, advise Keith. He would then pickup a couple of packages and distribute.
Action Item; Committee to determine length of time Records Check should be valid.
2.) Bike Rodeo - Beth provided an update regarding her plans for the bike rodeo at Rockwood School. She has met and confirmed with the principal that any date between June 6 and 28th would be best.
She explained what she and other groups have done at their past rodeos including prizes and or medallions. She provided ample suggestions as to roles our membership might consider for participation during the rodeo. Beth explained that pre event communication, such as letters or posters sent to students would help build excitement and registration. Action item; Beth to determine date, and forward to Keith. She will also forward other examples of posters letters etc of what other groups have prepared for rodeos. Action item; The Committee is to determine at May meeting who, and how we will participate at the Rockwood School bike rodeo. Action item; Keith to prepare list of all suggestions to guide discussions at our May meeting.
3.) Beth shared other ventures to consider for participation.
> There will be a Child car seat clinic May 26th and training provided May 24 and 25th. Action item; Committee to advise Beth if interested, or holding a clinic of our own


>Beth shared Police Week is May 14 to 18th. While vehicle break-ins in Laurentian Valley were down lately, there were reports of same, in Pembroke City. Keith stated we had “Lock it or Lose it” flyers and perhaps would be an idea to blitz parking lots one more time. Action item Committee to decide and Keith to advise Beth if we wish to action, so she could contact and confirm with store managers.
>Road Safety re vehicle & animal collisions signage. Examples explained of what was done in the northern part of the province, as there are numerous collisions in this area too.
>Crime Prevention week in the fall.
>Another presentation, she explained she had a DVD and could speak to Robbery prevention for businesses. This item will be discussed at next meeting.

Meeting adjourned on motion by Allan, 2nd by Ken

Next Meeting May 16, 2012