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Laurentian Valley Township Community Policing Committee

Council Representative: Councillor Brian Hugli 613-638-1288

Community Policing "Partnerships"

A partnership in community policing involves the police and the community working together to resolve mutual issues, which contribute to or maintain social order. Communities and their community policing committees, choose the level at which they wish to participate with their police. Therefore, these partnerships may vary from community to community.

Laurentian Valley Township Community Policing Committee (LVTCPC) operates under many of the principles outlined below. The Committee was established in May, 2000 and continues to hold meetings on the dates shown below. The meetings are held at the Township Office on Witt Road at 7:00 p.m. Anyone is welcome to attend and new members are welcome to join. ( A vulnerable sector check must be performed on all members.)

If you are interested in joining, please contact the Municipal Office.

The Committee members are:

  • Ron Moss - Chair/Secretary
  • Wendy Hewitt - Vice Chair
  • Brian Burger
  • Brian Hugli - Council Liaison

Roles and Responsibilities

This committee is fully involved in the development of strategies and their associated activities, which address their community issues. They are responsible to the community and the police. Accountability occurs through evaluation of programs and initiatives.

The Committee acts as a link or liaison between the police and the community.

Advice is provided to the police and/or community on specific issues originated by:

  • police,
  • community, or
  • as identified by the consultative committee

A committee consisting of a representative group of community volunteers formed to identify and resolve issues within their community in partnership with their police and other community stakeholders.

It is emphasized that these activities will not be those, which are designated to police officers in law. Committee volunteers are civilians, not police officers.

Recommended Types of Activities

Activities performed by a Consultative community policing committee:

  • Establish and conduct programs and activities such as Neighbourhood Watch and Block Parent.
  • Evaluate programs and initiatives with their police partner.
  • Perform agreed upon tasks as identified within the community plans.
  • Focus groups, surveys, and other consultative processes and documents
  • Demographic and community profile activities
  • Public relations (e.g. displays at malls, community events and fairs)
  • Participation in community functions.
  • Conduct fundraising and seek sponsorship.
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Community Policing Committee Meeting

Please note, the Laurentian Valley Community Policing Committee is scheduled to meet the following dates at 7:00 pm at the Township Municipal Office at 460 WItt Road, Laurentian Valley ON, K8A 6W5. The meeting is open to the public.

  • JANUARY 18, 2017

  • MAY 17, 2017

  • OCTOBER 18, 2017

  • NOVEMBER 29, 2017

  • JANUARY 17, 2018

Events History

Laurentian Valley Township Community Policing Committee.

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