Site Plan Requirements for Commercial and Industrial Development


In support of a request for site plan approval, the applicant must submit a letter of request to the Township, along with payment of the applicable application fee ($120.00), a signed copy of the Township’s Professional Services Agreement, a Drawing or Drawing(s) showing the following information, where applicable, and any other applicable information as indicated in the following checklist.

  1. Key Map indicating the location of the site in reference to neighbouring Municipality, County Roads, Provincial Highways, etc.
  2. Legal Description of the site including plan number, lot, concession, geographic township and civic address, if known. Indicate the name of the owner and the applicant. A copy of the Block Map and PIN print-out for the subject property from the Registry Office should also accompany the application.
  3. Existing/proposed zoning.
  4. North arrow and bar scale (in metres).
  5. Area for general notes should include information such as lot area, gross floor area of building, gross leasable area where applicable, percent building coverage, parking space and loading space requirements and number of spaces proposed, landscaped area, percent landscaped, servicing detail, area of any proposed septic system, summary of building uses, etc. Where there are existing buildings to remain on site, a note should be included indicating their gross floor area and the date they were constructed.
  6. Bench mark and assumed/geodetic elevations. Where applicable location of flood plain elevation, including flood fringe and floodway elevations.
  7. Legend containing symbols used for identifying existing/proposed spot elevations, storm/sanitary invert elevations, swales, wells, etc. Please ensure all legends match items shown on drawings.
  8. Servicing within the abutting road allowances including but not limited to roads, shoulders, curb/gutter, ditches, culverts, sewers, cable, gas, bell, hydro, etc.
  9. Detail entrance proposals, culvert including information on upstream culvert sizing. Should the adjacent road allowance be a County Road or Provincial Highway (ie. entrance permit and/or land use permit) then approval from the appropriate jurisdiction is required.
  10. Identify parking lot area, loading spaces, storage, sidewalk, curb, garbage and screening, site lighting, landscaped areas and features, and location and extent of any proposed septic system. Indicate parking lot structure and size and number of spaces.
  11. Drainage swales, surface flow and any drainage easements are to be clearly identified and detailed. External drainage onto and from the site should be identified and accommodated within good and sufficient outlet complete with easement(s). Drainage flow, swale and culvert sizing calculations are required.
  12. Stormwater Management Plan indicating methods of accommodating quality, quantity and outlet considerations.
  13. Existing and proposed elevations required at changes in slope and structure, floor slabs, drainage swales, adjacent structures, etc.
  14. Location of Buildings and/or Structure, including size and setbacks (distance) from property lines and other buildings and/or structures to be indicated. Adjacent land uses should also be identified. (All distances to be shown in metric system.)
  15. Applicant to ensure adequate servicing is available such as gas, hydro, etc.
  16. Existing and proposed easements and other legal restrictions are to be identified.
  17. Extent of landscaping should be identified, as should fencing.
  18. If site source water is required to satisfy building code and fire fighting requirements a detailed report is required that indicates methods of obtaining water and impact on adjacent properties.
  19. Yard surfaces to have minimum 2% slope and maximum 10% slope unless otherwise approved by the Township.
  20. Entrance and parking areas to have minimum 2% gradient and maximum 6% gradient unless otherwise approved by the Township.
  21. Swales shall have a minimum grade of 1% unless otherwise approved by the Township.
  22. Requirement for impact assessment on existing services to be determined by Township and other authorities having jurisdiction.
  23. Location of any required setback from top-of-slope or any other natural or environmentally sensitive feature (where applicable).
  24. Any other requirements of Provincial or Federal agencies having jurisdiction, where applicable.
  25. The developer will be required to enter into a site plan agreement with the Township.
  26. Securities may also be required and will be calculated per Township Policy 10-01, a copy of which is included with the pdf available for download from this website or by request from the Township Office. An estimate of the cost of site works should also be included.

Please note: the applicant is responsible for the actual cost of professional fees incurred by the Township which include legal fees and where necessary, professional engineering or other development specific peer review fees. A copy of the associated Professional Services Agreement can be provided upon request to the Municipal Planner and will be required to be entered into with the registered owner of the property at the beginning of the application process.