County of Renfrew GIS mapping information for Laurentian Valley

The Township of Laurentian Valley property fabric mapping (also known as MPAC or Assessment mapping) can be accessed through the County of Renfrew's website.  On this site you can create and print maps that show the shape of your property, roads, natural features such as creeks and streams, wetlands, etc.  To access the site, click on the following link:


It should be noted that the County has recently changed the online GIS system so if you previously used the website it may take you a few minutes to figure out how to complete certain tasks. The new application is now compatible for all browsers and mobile devices. The old application is no longer operational.  You will still be able to do most of the same functions but there are some things that are different so users of the previous application will need to play with the new application to familiarize yourself with the changes.


 It enables users to search for properties, find points of interest, locate street addresses, create maps and perform various other geographic searches in the County of Renfrew.


What are some examples of what I can do with Renfrew County Mapping?

find a community site in the County of Renfrew (e.g. hospitals)

locate urban points in the County of Renfrew

discover lakes and waterways in the County of Renfrew

print maps in colour or black and white

print map images at a specific scale of your choice

turn on different map layers to include or remove features such as rivers, roads, contours and properties

conduct a business search or locate a business

measure distances and areas

find vacant land and buildings available for development

students can learn about the natural features of the County of Renfrew

produce sketches for severance applications

produce your own maps for farm and forest management planning


What are the computer system requirements to use Renfrew County Mapping?

You don’t need any advanced computer hardware ... just a machine with an Internet connection, and a web browser.