Notice of Intention to Pass Amending Zoning By-law to Remove Holding (- h) Symbol File No. Z2019-01 and Public Meeting of February 19th, 2019

TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the provisions of Sections 34 and 36 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, at a Meeting to be held on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. at the Township Municipal Office at 460 Witt Road, Laurentian Valley, ON, Council of the Corporation of the Township of Laurentian Valley intends to pass an Amending By-law to Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 08-04-391 to remove a holding symbol from the zoning on a property.
Purpose, Effect and Location of Zoning By-law Amendment Application Z-2019-01
The purpose of the amendment is to remove the holding symbol and fully authorize the construction of a single detached residential dwelling on the subject lands.  The holding symbol was required as a condition of consent approval as the lot is within an area bounded by the Muskrat River identified as a low factor of safety due to the presence of clay soils. The condition for removal of the holding symbol was the completion of a routine geotechnical investigation by a qualified professional. The Owner retained the services of GEMTEC Consulting Engineers and Scientists Limited who prepared a report dated November 28, 2018, which was submitted in support of the condition.
Council is now in a position to pass a by-law to remove the holding symbol, as the conditions for removal of the holding symbol will have been met.
The effect of the amendment is to rezone the subject lands from Rural-Exception One-holding (RU-E1-h) to Rural-Exception One (RU-E1).
The lands affected by the Amendment are located on Whispering Pines Crescent and Mud Lake Road (County Road No. 19), within Part Lot 11, Concession 1, geographic Township of Pembroke, in the Township of Laurentian Valley, as shown on the Key Map.
ANY PERSON may attend the public meeting and/or make written or verbal representation either in support of or in opposition to the amendment aforesaid.
PLEASE NOTE that one of the purposes of the Planning Act is to provide for planning processes that are open, accessible, timely and efficient. Accordingly, all written submissions, documents, correspondence, e-mails or other communications (including your name and address) form part of the public record and will be disclosed/made available by the Township to such persons as the Township deems appropriate, including anyone requesting such information. Accordingly, in providing any such information, you shall be deemed to have consented to its use and disclosure as part of the planning process.
A COPY of the proposed amendment and any additional information relating to the proposed Zoning By-law Amendment (Application File No. Z-2019-01) are available for inspection during regular office hours at the Township Office.  Questions related to the application should be directed to Lauree Armstrong, Township Planner.
DATED at the Township of Laurentian Valley this 7th day of February, 2019.