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Notice of Adoption of Official Plan Amendment File No. O2016 02 OPA 12 Secondary Dwelling Units

PLANNING ACT, R.S.O. 1990, C.P.13





TAKE NOTICE that Council of the Corporation of the Township of Laurentian Valley passed By-law No. 2017-06-027, thereby adopting Official Plan Amendment No.11 to the Official Plan of the Township of Laurentian Valley on the 20th  day of June, 2017, in accordance with Sections 16.(3), 17 and 21 of the Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.P.13, as amended.



The following provides an overall summary of the Purpose, Effect and Location of Official Plan Amendment (OPA No. 12)- File No. 0 -2016-02.

Why is there a Policy Change for Secondary Dwelling Units?

Municipalities are required to put policies in place to permit secondary dwelling units which are intended to help implement the Province's long-term affordable housing strategy.

What are Secondary Dwelling Units?

A Secondary Dwelling Unit is a self-contained residential dwelling unit in which food preparation, eating, living, sleeping and sanitary facilities are provided for the exclusive use of the occupants of the dwelling unit, which can be located within a house, within an accessory structure (i.e. above a garage) or as a second dwelling separate from the main house which will be referred to as a coach house in the planning documents. Secondary Dwelling Units may also be known as basement/accessory apartments, two-unit housing or granny flats but for clarity the specific definitions in the By-law should be referred to.

Where do the new policies apply?

The proposed Amendment applies throughout the Township of Laurentian Valley. General Official Plan policies will be established which if met will allow a Secondary Dwelling Unit to be permitted without the need for an Amendment to the Official Plan.

What will the new policies do?

Secondary Dwelling Units will be permitted in most single detached, semi-detached and townhouse/rowhouse dwellings, subject to certain requirements. Secondary Dwelling Units must still meet all Building Code, Fire Code and Property Standard regulations. The effect of the Official Plan Amendment is to establish broader policies outlining the principles around where and how Secondary Dwelling Units will be permitted with the effect of the Corresponding Zoning By-law Amendment By-law No. 2017-06-028 (File Z2016-11) being to establish the more detailed specific requirements. A corresponding Registration By-law 2017-06-029 has also been passed to assist the Township in making sure these units are safe, legal and liveable and comply with the Ontario Building Code, Fire Code, etc.

Under the new policies:

• Only one Secondary Dwelling unit is permitted for each permitted primary residential dwelling type.

• Secondary Dwelling Units are permitted either: within a single detached, semi-detached or row/townhouse dwelling; or as a second dwelling unit on the same property but in its own detached building (which will be referred to as a coach house) or as part of another type of detached accessory building (i.e. above a garage).

• There must be adequate servicing available which must be demonstrated by a supporting study for lots on private services that are less than 0.8 hectares (2 acres).

• Secondary Dwelling Units are not permitted on lots where residential uses are not a permitted or on hazard lands.

• No severances shall be permitted for new lots to separate the Secondary Dwelling Unit from the Primary Dwelling.

• The full provisions are as detailed in the proposed amendments available from the Township Office or the Township website at


No Key Map is attached as OPA No. 12 (File No. 0 -2016-02) affects all lands in the Township of Laurentian Valley.

A COPY of the proposed Official Plan Amendment and any additional related information is available for inspection during regular office hours at the Township Office or at the County of Renfrew Planning Department.

ANY PERSON OR PUBLIC BODY will be entitled to receive notice of the proposed decision of the

Approval Authority which is the County of Renfrew, if a written request to be notified of the decision is made to the County of Renfrew, Department of Property and Development, Attention: Mr. Bruce Howarth, MCIP, RPP, Senior Planner, 91nternational Drive, Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 6W5; Fax No. 613-735-2492; E-mail:

PLEASE NOTE: Per Section 17.(24.1) of the Planning Act there is no appeal in respect of the policies, requirements or standards for second units (referred to as secondary dwelling units in Township documents) described in Section 16.(3) of the Planning Act.

PLEASE NOTE: One of the purposes of the Planning Act is to provide for planning processes that are open, accessible, timely and efficient. Accordingly, all written submissions, documents, correspondence, emails or other communications (including your name and address) form part of the public record and will be disclosed/made available by the Township to such persons as the Township deems appropriate, including anyone requesting such information. Accordingly, in providing any such information, you shall be deemed to have consented to its use and disclosure as part of the planning process.

DATED at the Township of Laurentian Valley this 5th day of July, 2017.


Issued by: Lauree J. Armstrong, MCIP, RPP, Township Planner, Township of Laurentian Valley, 460 Witt Road, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W5; Phone: 613-735-6291; Fax: 613-735-5820

A copy of the Registration Bylaw that will come into effect once the County approves OPA 12 has been attached for your information only.