2019-2020 Development Charges Study and Development Charges By-law Review

2019-2020 Development Charges Study and Development Charges By-law Review


The Township of Laurentian Valley is currently finalizing the process to pass a new Development Charges By-laws.  A preliminary Development Charges Background Study has been completed and information is posted on the Township website, can be sent to you upon request by sending an email to info@lvtownship.ca and providing your contact information or by phoning the Township office at 613-735-6291 to speak to staff in the Planning Department. 


A Preliminary Draft Report and a powerpoint presentation providing an explanation of development charges and the process to be followed are available for download from this website.  A more detailed report will be posted in the near future on the website so interested persons should check the website regularly for updates over in the coming weeks.


Once the proposed new Development Charges By-law is finalized it will be brought before the Public at a Public Meeting to be held later this summer.  Notice of the Public Meeting will be posted on this website and in local newspaper at least 20 days prior to the Public Meeting as required by the Development Charges Act.  If you wish to be added to a mailing list to receive notice, you will need to send a request in writing to the Township of Laurentian Valley, 460 Witt Road, Pembroke ON, K8A 6W5 requesting notice and providing your name and mailing address of where the notice should be sent.