Nevada - Break Open Ticket Lottery

The Municipality licenses eligible charities to conduct Break Open Ticket Lotteries in the Municipality. The Municipality currently has the following charities licensed in the following retail outlets;

  • Alice & Fraser Minor Sports at Hamilton's Covenience Center
  • Kiawanis Club of Pembroke at Canadian Tire Pembroke

If your charity has found an outlet and you would like to apply for a license, please review the Eligibility and How to Apply on the Lottery Menu.

Nevada Policies

  • A charitable or religious organization may be licensed to sell break open tickets from only one (1) location in the Municipality.
  • The above does not preclude an organization from being part of a bingo sponsors association which sells break open tickets during bingo events.
  • The licensing period for a break open ticket license shall not exceed one (1) year.
  • The third party location (retail outlet) must be registered under the Gaming Control Act. (Applications available at the office)
  • Only one break open ticket license may be issued per address or location. However tickets may be sold from more than one container provided they are for the same licensee, same ticket type, and from the same manufacturer. The style of ticket may be different and each style must be sold from a separate container.
  • Total expenses for the conduct of a break open ticket lottery, including sales commissions or honorariums, cannot exceed those set out in the terms and conditions.
  • Charitable or religious organizations selling break open tickets from their own premises may sell tickets anywhere in their building.