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How to Apply for a Lottery Licence

How to Apply for a Lottery Licence

The province licenses the following events;

  • Bingo events with prize boards over $5,500.00
  • Super jackpot games
  • Ticket raffle lotteries for total prizes over $50,000.00
  • Lotteries held in conjunction with another gaming event licensed by the provincial office including break open tickets at bingo events
  • Provincial break open ticket lotteries
  • All monte carlo events
  • All lottery schemes conducted in unorganized territories
  • All lottery schemes at a designated Fair or Exhibition or at a Place of Amusement

What lottery schemes do Municipalities license?

A Municipality may issue licenses to conduct the following lottery schemes;

  • Bingo events with prize boards $5,500.00 and under
  • Media bingo events
  • Ticket raffle lotteries for total prizes $50,000.00 and under
  • All break open ticket lotteries not licensed by the provincial office

How does my organization apply for a lottery licence?

  • Determine the type of lottery scheme your organization intends to conduct
  • Obtain the appropriate application form from your local municipal office, or download from this site, go to the "forms" tab at the top of the page
  • Complete the form according to the instructions on the form and the policies provided by the municipal office or as set out in the guide for that lottery event.

Do I have to include anything with the application?

In addition to the materials required by the application, the applicant should provide the following information or documents with their first application

  • A copy of its articles of incorporation or constitution and / or by-laws (your governing documents).
  • A copy of its budget and/or financial statements for the preceeding and coming years.
  • Any other information that will assist in determining the charitable nature of the objects and purposes.
  • This could include an annual report, charitable number for income-tax purposes, the fact that it meets the reporting requirments of the Charities Accounting Act.

The proposed use of proceeds must be consistent with the primary objects and purposes of the organization which must be of a nature consistent with at least one of the four classifications of charitable purposes.

How will my application be evaluated?

The following questions may be used to determine the eligibility of the applicant

  • Does the organization qualify as a charitable or religious organization?
  • Is the organization established to provide charitable services in Ontario and use proceeds for objects or purposes which benifit Ontario Residents?
  • Does the organization restict its mandate to any segment of the community?
  • Does a significant portion of the community benfit by the fund raising of the applicant?
  • Is the applicant properly organized such that it is separate from any other organization? ie legally, financially, organizationally.
  • Has the applicant been in operation for at least one year and have a proven charitable mandate? if not, is it eligible.
  • Are there at least three persons who will assume full responsibility for the operation and conduct of the event
  • What will the proceeds of the licensed event be used for and is the intended use consistent with the classification?
  • Does the organization have a place of business in Ontario?

What type of organizations are not chaitable for lottery licensing purposes?

Types of organizations which cannot be considered charitable include;

  • social clubs
  • professional associations, unions, employee groups
  • elected representative groups including municipal, regional, provincial and federal governments
  • government ministries, agents or bodies
  • political lobby groups
  • political parties
  • adult hobby groups
  • private sports clubs(eg. golf, curling)
  • adult sports teams

If one of these groups wish to raise funds to donate to charities, it must become recognized as a charitable organization with an established mandate, either through incorporation or by constitution and by-laws, and apply for lottery licences to be used for projects or donations that are consistent with its charitable mandate.